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Study: MRI Dye Leaves Toxic Metal in Brain & Bones

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a technology that produces detailed pictures of organs, soft tissues, bone, and other internal body structures for the purposes of detecting and diagnosing diseases. Commonly, a type of intravenous drug known as a contrast agent is used to improve the visibility of internal structures during an MRI. A new research article verifies past claims that some of these contrast agents pass the blood brain barrier and leave behind a potentially toxic metal.

The C Word

"I had to admit I was more than a little excited to see my next patient. This was a big day, for both of us.
Five years earlier, when he was 68, he had come to the emergency room, feeling terrible. His white blood cell count was higher than his age, and he was profoundly anemic — really, to a degree that was almost incompatible with life. He was transferred to our hospital, where we performed a bone marrow biopsy that clinched the diagnosis of acute leukemia.

Nearly 100 Toxic Plumes Poisoning Colorado Water

A well known carcinogen is causing poison plumes accross Colorado and thanks to the inept EPA, it's perfectly legal.
"The (plumes) formed because, in the past, PCE legally could be flushed into sewers, dumped out backdoors, emptied down alleys.
PCE is heavy, sinking through soil and groundwater to form pools that can remain volatile for decades and do not readily break down.
Health authorities say they worry most about sites where PCE levels in soil and groundwater are so high that vapors rise up and contaminate buildings."
Read more:
Cancer-causing chemical PCE contaminates Colorado soil, water and homes - The Denver Post

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Why Organics Matter (Especially to Children)

The Case For Organic Fruits and Veggies | Environmental Working Group

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