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Confict of Interests at NCI

Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., and Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, gives the inside scoop on the so-called "leaders" at the National Cancer Institute.  It's no wonder we are losing the "War on Cancer" when the director of NCI, Harold Varmus, doesn't even support prevention research!  Varmus has been quoted as saying:
"You can't do experiments to see what causes cancer - it's not an accessible problem, and not the sort of thing scientists can afford to do"
NCI was formed because cancer incidence rates were steadily rising, yet they have continued to increase every decade since its inception, WHY??  Trillions of dollars have been spent and hundreds of thousands of research hours have been dedicated to this epidemic, but there is near silence when it comes to prevention, the 1 thing that would UNQUESTIONABLY reduce incidence, suffering and death!!

The full story:
Varmus Is Unqualified to Lead the War Against Cancer

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PCB Risks in Schools

According to the EPA, "PCB contamination is alarmingly widespread and threatens the health of potentially hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren"  Due to PCB's leaking from electrical components and lighting fixtures in schools built previous to the 1978 ban on manufacturing them.
PCB's are known to be endocrine disruptors that accumulate in fatty tissues and cause cancer.
You would think officials would do whatever it takes to protect the health and safety of children and their teachers, but that's not the case.  At least not in New York, where Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott said the costs of replacing the fixtures, "during this difficult fiscal climate," would force the city to lay off staff and delay school-construction projects.  Seriously, he said they can't afford to protect children from cancer.
This is 1 more reason why we need to change chemical policies; safety MUST be proven BEFORE unleashing toxins on society.  People are more important than money!

The full story from the Wall Street Journal:
EPA Warns of PCB Risks in Schools
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Cancer KILLS 1 American-
10,000 people EVERY week!

Health Freedom is Worth Protecting

The words in this article resonate deep in my heart: 
So, so many deaths and diseases are scientifically linked to our food, water, air and personal care products that it seems unconscionable to NOT fight governmental policies that allow the poisoning of people, especially children.
"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent"  ~ Thomas Jefferson ~
I was an arm-chair activist until my family was sucker-punched by policies that likely led to my 10 year old daughter being diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. Until I opened my eyes, did my own research and actually looked at the facts, I didn't know just how bad the situation is.

I write off radical-sounding theories unless I see proof that they aren't theories at all: unfortunately, this is REALITY:
Your risk of being diagnosed with cancer 
has nearly DOUBLED since the 1960's!!

It is both shocking and unacceptable that we have spent billions of dollars over many decades on this government & cookie sale funded 'War on Cancer' and the FACT remains: cancer is winning!  We have become zombified into accepting the cut-poison-burn, survivors-live-longer mentality as normal.  We've stopped asking the hard questions! My first might be 'If we've known for decades that cancer incidence rates are continuously increasing, then why, WHY has the National Cancer Institute done practically NOTHING to PREVENT it, or at least invest more money into less toxic therapies?!?' 

It infuriates me that 'standard protocol' for my child's cancer called for a chemo-cocktail containing 3 known carcinogens (2 were approved in the 1970's, the other in 1983; the same year this toxic treatment became routine). It is time to get out of the dark ages, time to end the use of barbaric therapies that cause permanent damage to survivors' hearts, lungs, kidneys and other vital organs.

Less toxic treatments have been scientifically proven to be effective, but they will never become standard until we demand it. Until then, doctors will continue to inject people with chlorine & heavy metals and call it 'the best available therapy' while we gasp and wonder how that can be true.

We MUST think for ourselves and educate others.  We need to stop this merry-go-round-of-madness and fight for change we can LIVE with!  It is our collective responsibility to protect our children, our families and future generations from current policies that:
"needlessly increase health care costs, cripple our Nations productivity, and devastate American lives"  (from the 2010 President's Cancer Panel Report
FACT: Every minute of every hour
Cancer KILLS 1 American-
10,000+ people EVERY week!!

Vitamin D News and Info

 Dr. Joseph Mercola's Vitamin D Index is an excellent resource for news and info about the vitally important nutrient, Vitamin D, the "Sunshine Vitamin".

Vitamin D News and Information

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"Cocktail of Contaminates" in a Healthy Diet

A disturbing look at the massive number of chemicals in a so-called "healthy" diet.

From the report:

"In a single day, a 10-year-old child in Europe may be exposed through food to 128 chemical residues of 81 different substances. Forty-two of these substances are classified as "possibly or probably carcinogens", and five as "certainly carcinogens". No fewer than 37 substances are endocrine disruptors."

Many scientists believe "what is harmful is not the intensity of the dose but the repetition of small doses", over a long period of time, interacting with each other in unknown ways.  There are no long term studies of the "effects of probable interaction caused by consuming a cocktail of contaminants of this sort, and the long-term risk for consumers is probably seriously underestimated."

The full story from The Guardian:
Study maps chemical residues in European children's diets

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Benefits of Change: Incalculable

The President's Cancer Panel is a non-partisan team of experts whose job it is to examine the National Cancer Program.  They made many specific suggestions in their May 2010 report (pdf) and implemeting these recommendations would provide the following benefits:

* Reduce not only cancer incidences, but all the diseases that kill us most often

* Save trillions of dollars on health care

* Protect the health of children and future generations

* Greatly improve the quality of our food and water

* Protect our natural environment

* Ensure consumer goods are safe to use

* Drastically reduce court cases that cost taxpayers billions of dollars

* Our greatest thinkers would have time and resources to innovate for the betterment of society rather than looking for solutions to the messes we've made thus far

* Lawmakers will end the decades long battle to legislate "safe levels" of toxins

These are just some of the benefits we would realize if the Panel's recommendations were implemented and chemical policy were changed to protect human health, not corporate profits.

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Reactionary Approaches

The very first recommendation of the 2010 "President's Cancer Panel" is this:
"A precautionary, prevention-oriented approach should replace current reactionary approaches to environmental contaminants"
Exactly! Our lives are consumed by reacting to what our government officials allow. Current policy forces Americans to be exposed to more than 80,000 mostly untested chemicals every single day. And then makes us responsible for proving these contaminates are unsafe. Millions of people have paid for that policy with their life.

The panel was bold enough to follow with this:
"Optimally, (policy) should shift the burden of proving safety to manufacturers."
Well, Hallelujah! Why should taxpayers be required to prove a product is harmful? Those who profit from these "contaminants" should bear the full cost of proving their safety before they are used on the open market.

Those 80,000 chemicals and processes (like radiation from "tests" and work-place hazards) are linked to all of the diseases that kill us most often. They are linked to our water being unfit to drink. They are linked to our food being contaminated with much more than just pesticides and fertilizers-now we've been pumped full of growth hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified organisms (GMO seeds/foods)!!

A "reactionary" policy is choking every part of our lives. The Panel makes it clear that disease rates are increasing, some at alarming speed. Endless environmental "accidents" are reported daily across the country, polluting our soil, water and air. Our courts and governments are spending hideous amounts of time and money proving the harm these products do to our bodies and our environment.

The price society pays for this chemical free-for-all is truly incalculable.

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Parabens Outlawed in Denmark

How many more people must become sick from these toxins before the U.S. bans parabens as Demark has recently done? These endocrine disruptors are commonly found in body care products such as soap and shampoo and contribute to countless diseases.
The full article from Time off the NewsWire:
Parabens Outlawed in Childrens’ Products in Denmark
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Cancer KILLS 1 American-
10,000 people EVERY week!

A Collection of Toxin Articles from TIME

In a series of articles, Time Magazine examines the toxins in our homes and everyday surroundings. Mounting evidence suggests the chemicals in common products are increasing incidences of numerous diseases, including cancer, obesity, heart disease and many others.
An informative collection of articles from
Full List - Environmental Toxins
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Cancer KILLS 1 American-
10,000 people EVERY week!

5 Tips to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

 Until citizens compel policy-makers to change the way chemicals are regulated, it is up to each of us to protect ourselves and our families. There are more than 80,000 chemicals used in everyday products.  The vast majority of them have NEVER been tested for human safety; of the few that have been tested, most have proven problematic to human health. Some of the worst known carcinogens are used in our food and personal care products.

From the 2010 "President's Cancer Panel" report, regarding the hidden toxins we are bombarded by every day:
"Efforts to inform the public of such harmful exposures and how to prevent them must be increased." 
Based on The President's Cancer Panel's recommendations, here are 5 tips for reducing the risk of being diagnosed with cancer:

1) Keep your body and immune system healthy - filter your water, eat only organic foods (especially animal products), avoid processed foods (especially meats), eat a variety of fruits and veggies, exercise and get at least 15 minutes of sunshine daily or vitamin D supplements

(According to "The President's Cancer Panel Report", tap water, non-organic food and processed foods are flooded with cancer- and disease-causing compounds and all 3 should be avoided. You simply cannot achieve good health if you constantly assault your body with foods that contain dangerous chemicals. Your immune system is your built in defense system; keep it healthy naturally!)

2) Replace non-stick cookware - use only glass, cast iron, ceramic or stainless steel; NEVER microwave plastic!

(Non-stick cookware releases cancer-causing fumes that are toxic enough to kill pets and sicken people with respiratory problems. Plastics also release toxic fumes when heated; JUST DON'T DO IT!)

3) Use safer cleaning products (body & home) - use less toxic and organic body care products (soap, shampoo, make-up, lotions and fluoride-free toothpaste) and use non-toxic cleaning products (homemade or from companies such as Dr. Bronner's), use essential oils instead of toxic air "fresheners" and fragrances

(Some of the most dangerous substances, endocrine disruptors, are found in "fragrances" of all types of products. Your skin is a living organ that acts like a sponge; the last thing you want to do is open up all your pores in a warm shower and then lather up with toxic goo! Nor should you pollute your home with toxic "cleaning" products or air "fresheners")

4) Avoid ALL plastic - choose toys and ALL children's products very carefully, use cloth shower curtains, glass and metal dishes and storage containers, reduce plastic grocery food packaging, use cloth bags or cardboard boxes for groceries and shopping, use glass or metal water bottles/storage containers

(you'll soon discover it is nearly impossible to eliminate plastic from your daily life, so reducing your exposure, as much as possible, is important for adults. It is vital for children, elderly folks, or anyone with a weak immune system)

5) Get INVOLVED! - Demand government officials change chemical regulations so that they protect people's health, not corporate profits. Officials must REQUIRE manufacturers to "remove the carcinogens and other toxins from our food, water, and air that needlessly increase health care costs, cripple our Nations productivity, and devastate American lives." *

* A quote from the 2010 President's Cancer Panel Report:
"Each person can become an active voice in his or her own community. To a greater extent than many realize, individuals have the power to affect public policy by letting policymakers know that they strongly support measures that will reduce or remove from the environment toxins that are known or suspected carcinogens or endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Individuals can also influence industry by selecting non-toxic products and where these do not exist, communicating with manufacturers and trade organizations about their desire for safer products." *

We MUST tell policymakers that we will no longer accept being un-informed lab-rats for corporate polluters!  We must speak with 1 voice and say:

"Enough is enough!!"
It is time for CHANGE we can LIVE with!

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Safety of HRT in Children

And so we went another round with the GR Oncology Team. It gets so frustrating; I want an independent opinion and all I get is the same old line: "The only way to help your daughter's bones is to get on the estrogen merry-go-round." Her oncologist, an endocrinologist and now an orthopedic surgeon have all said the ONLY way to prevent her bone deterioration from becoming debilitating before age 30 is to start pumping my 12 year old child with estrogen injections every month for an indefinite period of time, up to 30 years!!

 Ovarian cancer cost my daughter her reproductive organs last year and without ovaries producing estrogen, doctors tell me her bones won't harden, or mineralize, properly.  It is very similar to the bone issues of menopausal women except that cancer struck before her bones hardened as most people's do in their teen years. At times she is in severe pain and I am desperately seeking relief for her. But I am not willing to further risk her health using dangerous, unproven treatments.

When I point out to doctors that everything they thought they knew about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was turned on its head a few years ago, and that HRT is no longer considered safe or standard therapy, it seems prudent to ask to see studies that it is safe for children to be taking these hormones. But there aren't any studies. There isn't even a standard protocol! There are doctors telling me they've been doing this to children for decades, but no one has bothered to look at what happens to these kids years later.

Childhood cancer patients almost always graduate from pediatric to adult doctors when they turn 18 and nobody keeps track of their long-term health. The only study of its kind was published in 2006 and reveled that a shocking 75% of childhood cancer survivors develop chronic, severe, life-long health problems!! A fact doctors "didn't know" because NO ONE had studied it before.

Scientists now believe HRT is dangerous for adult women, especially long-term use. Isn't it just common sense that it would be at least as bad for children?!? Yet, doctors look at me like I'm crazy for even questioning their high-and-mighty advice!  I listen politely and try to make my concerns known without being insulting, but this sick-care system in the US is insane!! Even a 12 year old can see the perverseness of a cancer doctor prescribing a "treatment" that causes cancer!!

All 3 doctors briefly mentioned calcium and vitamin D supplements, and the orthopedic surgeon prescribed 2 weeks of physical therapy to teach her some exercises to strengthen her back. And all 3 have gone on at length about hormone/estrogen therapy. It seems none of them have the time or incentive to teach us how to build healthy bones or manage pain without putting her health in further jeopardy.
It is disgustingly profitable to increase membership in the Big Pharma Sick-Care System.  I'll continue seeking authentic good health for my daughter and providers who support our choices.
UPDATE:  I found this abstract, 'Hormone Replacement Therapy and the Adolescent'.  Quote: "Despite the large numbers of patients for whom HRT is prescribed, little prospective data exist to aid clinicians in making evidence-based decisions as to the optimal treatment regimens." 
I did NOT give birth to a lab-rat!!
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Cancer KILLS 1 American-
11,000 people EVERY week!

Cancer-Causing Chemical Is Widespread in Tap Water

Chromium-6 was the toxin at the center of the movie "Erin Brockovich", and the Environmental Working Group has now found it in 89% of the drinking water they recently sampled. A known carcinogen, in a vast majority of our "clean" drinking water, and the kicker is, officials aren't even required to test for it!!

Clearly, government regulations are NOT protecting the public's health, which was made crystal clear in the 2010 President's Cancer Panel Report when, among other things they recommended citizens filter ALL drinking water.

Read the full article:
Chromium-6 Is Widespread in US Tap Water

Learn more about your drinking water from

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Healthy Bones 101

A summary of basic nutrition for good bone health:

calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, silica, iron, zinc, selenium, boron, phosphorus, sulphur, chromium, high-quality fats, vitamin D, protein

To supply these nutrients to your body,


+ Calcium/protein combinations:
  foods include: tahini, salmon, yogurt, cheese, oatmeal, goats milk-all have protein, calcium and healthy fats
  herbs include: stinging nettle, oatstraw, red clover, dandelion, comfrey leaf-all have both calcium and protein

+ Fruit and vegetable sources of calcium, include:
  mustard greens, kale, okra, collards, turnip greens, seaweed, broccoli, oranges, bok choy, soybeans, cowpeas, navy beans, black beans, almonds, tortillas and canned white beans

+ 100% whole grain breads, noodles, cookies/crackers

+ Oatmeal and fortified cereals

+ Blackstrap molasses, unsulphered (contains about 200 mg of calcium per tablespoon and is rich in iron and potassium)

+ Animal sources of calcium include:
  milk, cheese, yogurt, sardines, perch, shrimp, salmon, blue crab, clams, trout

+ Drink lemon juice in water with or after meals (to help your body utilize nutrients)

+ Calcium supplements are OK, but try to get your nutrition from food, not supplements - calcium citrate, gluconate, lactate, carbonate are all OK. 1500 mg calcium/day is a common recommendation

* It is imperative to try & eat a 100% organic diet! (or as close as possible) Most conventional food is so polluted with cancer and disease-causing chemicals making it impossible to achieve good health.

* * * * *

Just as there are foods that can help build strong bones, there are others that will interfere with good bone health.


- Tofu
- Coffee
- Pop
- White flour
- Processed meats
- Bran
- Nutritional yeast
- Soy milk
- Alcohol
- Dolomite, bone meal, oyster shell
- Salt
- Fluoride

Avoid excess phosphorus (it accelerates bone loss & demineralization)

* Phosphorus compounds are second only to salt as food additives!!

They are found in:
- carbonated beverages
- soda pop
- white flour products (bagels, cookies, biscuits, cakes, donuts, pasta, bread)
- preserved meats (bacon, ham, sausage, lunch meat, and hot dogs)
- breakfast cereals
- canned fruit
- processed potato products such as frozen fries and instant mashed potatoes
- processed cheeses
- instant soups
- puddings

Exercise and sunshine are also important for good bone health.  Learn more about bone health here, and more about nutrition here and here.

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The Politics of Lung Cancer

Dr. Samuel Epstein clears the air and exposes The Politics of Lung Cancer.  It is almost as if politicians don't realize people are dying!!

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Evista: A Prevention Drug That Has A Fatal Risk

Building strong bones naturally, using nutrition and exercise is good medicine; taking Eli Lily's dangerous drugs is probably not.  With side effects that include hot flashes and joint pain, blood clots in the legs and lungs, and dying from stroke, not to mention the ovarian cancer risk, why does the FDA allow these toxins ot be used as 'treatments' and yet they do practically nothing to promote good health by prevention and more natural methods??

Read more:
Evista: A Prevention Drug That Has A Fatal Risk

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EPA's Regulatory Mistakes Cause Disease and Death

An in-depth look at the politics of clean air from the New York Times:

How EPA's Regulatory Surge Missed a Primary Target

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'Climate Change and Cancer-What We Need to Know

What we need to know about climate change and cancer:

'Climate change could give you cancer': UN report warns of deadly pollutants from glaciers
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Cancer KILLS 1 American-
10,000 people EVERY week!

Stronger Bones - Without Drugs

Many types of chemo can severely damage and weaken your bones; here are 2 great articles about building and maintaining healthy bones.

Building Bone Density - From

Stronger Bones - Without Drugs - From

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Silver Bullet in Cancer War?

An interesting study on new cancer treatments as reported in the Belfast Telegraph:
Aspirin milk mix - the silver bullet in cancer war?
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Cancer KILLS 1 American-
10,000 people EVERY week!

Formaldehyde in Clothing and Make-Up

Countless cancer-causing chemicals assault us every day-even hidden in our clothing!  From the NY Times:
"And clothing is not the only thing treated with the chemical. Formaldehyde is commonly found in a broad range of consumer products and can show up in practically every room of the house. The sheets and pillow cases on the bed. The drapes hanging in the living room. The upholstery on the couch. In the bathroom, it can be found in personal care products like shampoos, lotions and eye shadow. It may even be in the baseball cap hanging by the back door."
Read the full story from The New York Times on the NewsWire:
Formaldehyde in Wrinkle-Free Clothes May Pose Risks

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Cancer KILLS 1 American-
10,000 people EVERY week!

The High Cost of Non-Organic Skin Care

One of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself from cancer and disease causing toxins is to change your personal care products.  Your skin is an extremely porus, living organ.  Read this crucial information before you lather up or slather on any more toxic beauty products.

More from Dr.Mercola:
Mercola Healthy Skin USDA Certified Organic Skin Care

Lawsuits for the Cure?

This article exposing the pink ribbon folks' true colors  "for the cure."  It is despicable that this "charity" would use donation money to sue people over use of the words "for the cure" and at the same time spend such a minute portion of their funds on actually helping people!  Check out this article from WEGO Health and also our list of meaningful ways to help those affected by cancer.
Lawsuits for the Cure

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BPA and Fertility Problems

BPA is an endocrine disruptor linked to numerous serious health problems from cancer to diabetes and heart disease.  It has been known for some time that it can damage sperm cells and now it appears that it also affects female egg cells.
Check out the latest from The Daily Green:

BPA and Fertility Problems - Bisphenol A Affects Sperm and Egg Fertility
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Cancer KILLS 1 American-
10,000 people EVERY week!

Top 10 Food Additives to Avoid

There are currently more than 3,000 food additives added to foods in the United States.  They are linked to countless diseases and health problems, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, allergies, behavior problems and MUCH more.
These ingredients are not put there for your benefit or to make the food more nutritious.  No, they are put there to increase profits for manufacturers and hide the taste of factory food.  (corporations are required to make money for their stockholders; they are NOT required to produce healthy products)

via Dr. Joseph Mercola:

Top 10 Food Additives to Avoid

1. Artificial Sweeteners
2. High Fructose Corn Syrup
3. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
4. Trans Fat
5. Common Food Dyes
6. Sodium Sulphite
7. Sodium Nitrate/Sodium Nitrite
8. BHA and BHT
9. Sulphur Dioxide
10. Potassium Bromate

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Calif Approves Use of Pesticide Linked to Cancer

File this under mind-boggling!

California recently approved use of a pesticide which is KNOWN to cause cancer and other health problems.  This is downright scary when you consider that about 90% of the strawberries Americans consume are grown in California.  (along with millions of tons of other produce!)
"The pesticide (methyl iodide) is included on California's official list of cancer-causing chemicals"
...and now you'll find your nuts, flowers, strawberries and other produce doused in even more cancer-causing chemicals!

Read the full article:
Calif approves use of pesticide linked to cancer

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The Smell of Cancer

What makes your perfume smell so....deadly?  From Natural News:
 "Dangerous fragrance chemicals are found in air fresheners, shampoos, lotions, bath products, and dishwashing and laundry detergents, yet the FDA has no authority to force manufacturers to test their products for safety."
Read the full article here:
 Celebrity-branded perfumes loaded with toxic petrochemicals

Cancer KILLS 1 American-
10,000 people EVERY week!

Turmeric-Super Spice For Good Health

 Amazing anti-cancer properties (in addition to MANY other health benefits) in Turmeric are discussed by  Dr. Joseph Mercola:

Turmeric - Organic Indian Ayurveda Healing Herb

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Healing With Herbs

Check out this tasty tid-bit from Natural

 The medicine cabinet in your kitchen - Heal with ten top common herbs and spices

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American Cancer Society: Amoral Profiteers

The American Cancer Society must be one of the most arrogant profiteers in the Big Business of cancer. The audacity to criticize a much needed focus on environmental carcinogens, as the 2010 President's Cancer Panel Report has done, is surely driven by a greed-based desire to accept the status quo.

The world's wealthiest "non-profit" cancer charitiy apparently does not care that children are being diagnosed with cancer at unprecedented rates and for unknown reasons. Any charity that pays their top employees salaries totaling millions of dollars every year and yet gives less than 1 penny of every donated dollar to childhood cancer, clearly has amoral and ulterior motives for attempting to degrade a report that seeks to increase knowledge of carcinogens that are causing people irreparable harm.

On the very day the President's Cancer Panel (the Panel) released its 2010 report to the public, the American Cancer Society's (ACS) director of medical and scientific communications, David Sampson, who was apparently unable to draw his own conclusions, drew attention to a statement made by a reporter at ABC who couldn't locate "solid science" to support her false assertion that the Panel had claimed "the study of environmental factors" had "been giving short shrift" compared to other causes of cancer. Since the Panel made no such statement, it appears Sampson is simply creating a diversion, or as he puts it, a "rub."

Determined to further insult the public's intelligence, Sampson implies the report is so complex that reviewing it requires an Official Name, followed by an Alphabet Soup with Credentials; he chose Michael J. Thun, MD, "vice president emeritus, Epidemiology & Surveillance Research" (a policy wonk for ACS) I never went much further than 9th grade in school, but I'm having no difficulty understanding the fairly simple language used to examine issues that, at least the Panel understands, are of critical importance to the American people. I urge readers to download the report (pdf) and read it for yourself. It contains fascinating, factual information that you truly have a right to know. Like the FACT that the percentage of people being diagnosed with cancer increases every year. And the FACT that currently, corporations do not have to prove the safety of their products before unleashing them on the public.

Thun's disingenuous "review" states: "the report is unbalanced by its implication that pollution is the major cause of cancer." But, the report makes no such statement! What it actually says is that the Panel dedicated the current year's annual report "to examining the impact of environmental factors on cancer risk" because there is rapidly growing evidence that suggests there is "much work ahead to identify the many existing but unrecognized environmental carcinogens." The Panel clearly stated that the report is "not intended to be a complete evaluation of all sources and types of contaminants." It is crystal clear that the Panel believes the public deserves answers and guidance stating: "Efforts to inform the public of such harmful exposures and how to prevent them must be increased."

Thun goes on to call the Panel's report "provocative" when he falsely claims it "restates hypotheses as if they were established facts." As an example he quotes, not the report but, a letter to President Obama, that said, in part, “the true burden of environmentally (i.e. pollution) induced cancer has been grossly underestimated.” (Thun added the "i.e. pollution") Thun claimed their assertion doesn't represent scientific consensus. To support their position the Panel pointed to the fact that there are nearly 80,000 chemicals used daily by millions of Americans and that for the most part, they had not been thoroughly studied and are mostly unregulated.

Thun actually proves the Panel is correct when he directs readers to an ACS report titled: "American Cancer Society Perspectives on Environmental Factors and Cancer" (Thun is listed as one of the report's authors) The ACS report states: "The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified 935 chemicals, industrial processes, and other exposures as of 2009". Only 935 out of 80,000 have been classified!!! Thun obviously believes that's good enough for the American people, but the Panel thinks we deserve better than that.

But, what's even more shocking is that of those 935 items, only 1 was found to be "probably not carcinogenic"; 515 were "not classifiable" and the remaining 419 chemicals are assumed to "present a carcinogenic hazard to humans"!!! Why the heck Thun would use that report to support his position is mind-boggling! Maybe he assumed that when people realized it appears to be the typical mumbo-jumbo of most scientific articles that they wouldn't bother reading it. Think again, Thun; this is one mother who is getting to be quite an expert at deciphering the medical community's secret code. (BTW, in case you haven't heard, doctors no longer enjoy their elitist status of self-appointed Gatekeepers of Sacred Knowledge; the Internet has dethroned you!!)

An examination of the ACS report reveals countless discrepancies and contradictions with Thun's repugnant bashing of the Panel's report.  On its face, it seems the ACS actually supports many of the Panel's positions.  A few blatant examples (all are "direct quotes"):

*ACS regarding current tests for carcinogens (2 year studies on rats): "They often do not address some questions relevant to predicting potential cancer risks in humans. For example, due to technical limitations and funding, the animal studies may have been conducted using only one route of exposure, which may or may not be the most common route of exposure or concern in humans. It may be difficult or impossible to generate exposures for animal studies that match those in environmental settings. This is a growing concern for evaluating the carcinogenicity of substances that are now being produced"

*ACS position on prevention: "Decisions regarding prevention must inevitably be made in the context of some degree of scientific uncertainty. The need to make decisions in the face of accruing but still incomplete evidence has long been recognized. In 1965, Sir Austin Bradford Hill, the British medical statistician wrote: "All scientific work is incomplete—whether it be observational or experimental. All scientific work is liable to be upset or modified by advancing knowledge. That does not confer upon us a freedom to ignore the knowledge we already have or to postpone the action that it appears to demand at a given time."

*ACS on communicating with the public: "It is important to provide the public with information so that they can make informed choices....It is important that communications acknowledge and not trivialize public concerns"

*ACS on where their information comes from: "Because of the scope and complexity of identifying and classifying chemicals, the ACS relies on established national and international organizations that regularly conduct and publish such evaluations"

*ACS on future testing: "The ACS supports the implementation of new strategies for toxicity testing, including the assessment of carcinogenicity, that will more effectively and efficiently screen the large number of chemicals to which people are exposed"

*ACS position on advocacy: "The ACS advocates for legislation and policies to achieve its mission of eliminating cancer as a major health problem"

*ACS on environmental "issues that merit further in-depth consideration": "Accelerate the testing of new and existing chemicals for potential carcinogenicity; monitor the bioaccumulation of chemicals in humans and in the food chain; (monitor) the effects on humans of chemicals that mimic naturally occurring hormones"

Clearly, Thun's "review" of the President's Cancer Panel's report is NOT in line with the stated goals and positions of the ACS report that he helped write less than a year ago.

I am certainly not alone in my disgust for the ACS. Following their article were comments posted by readers (all negative), including: "Shame on the American Cancer Society", and "you do us a grave disservice", "ridiculous, misleading", one angry parent didn't appreciate the ACS "belittling the experience of thousands of children" and suggested they "shut your face and let this research go forward."

My suggestion for Mr. Director of Medical and Scientific Communications: learn to read and disseminate information on your own so you can (maybe) write your own article. And for Mr. Official Name with Credentials: public relations is a tough gig; you might try going back to the wonk-room with an Appletini and reflect on the implications of slapping your name on "Official Reports" that either you don't agree with or simply haven't read.

If people wish to truly help families affected by cancer, here's a list of more than 25 meaningful things you can do to reduce suffering.  And by all means, contact President Obama and tell him to heed the advice of the Panel:
 "The Panel urges you most strongly to use the power of your office to remove the carcinogens and other toxins from our food, water, and air that needlessly increase health care costs, cripple our Nation’s productivity, and devastate American lives."

 ~  ~  ~

Get the FACTS & get INVOLVED!

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Recommendations in the "President's Cancer Panel Report"

 Its been nearly a week since the "President's Cancer Panel" (PCP) submitted their 2010 report (pdf) on the state of our National Cancer Program.  The more time I spend dissecting the 200+ pages, the more I shake my head & realize we have been lab-rats in a horrific experiment.  As much as anything, the report is an environmental report card and a lashing of federal agencies for failing to protect the American people.

From the letter to President Obama that precedes the report:
"the public is becoming increasingly aware of the unacceptable burden of cancer resulting from environmental and occupational exposures that could have been prevented through appropriate national action"
"Could have been prevented"; as the parent of a child whose life has been devastated by ovarian cancer, those 4 words infuriate me!  That has been my suspicion ever since her diagnosis and it has been repeatedly confirmed by one report after another.  What angers me more than anything is that the warnings from the scientific community are not a new phenomenon, which is made clear in Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring, written nearly 50 years ago:
"The road to cancer may also be an indirect one...Important examples are the cancers, especially of the reproductive system, that appear to be linked with disturbances of the balance of sex hormones."
 In 1962 it wasn't yet a media buzz word, but she was talking about endocrine disruptors; BPA, phthalates and countless others that federal agencies refuse to acknowledge are causing irreparable harm to people, especially children.  The PCP report went on to say very clearly,
"Efforts to inform the public of such harmful exposures and how to prevent them must be increased."
There are steps we can take to protect ourselves from many toxins.  At the top of the Panel's list (and mine) is making better food choices; "You are what you eat", has never rung truer.  Choose organic and free-range foods, eliminate processed foods (especially things like hot-dogs and lunch meat which have been linked to several cancers, including ovarian cancer)  It is also crucial to choose organic dairy products because the vast majority of conventional milk contains growth hormones.  How perverse is it that we "good parents" encourage our children to "drink your milk", when the government has allowed it to become a toxic soup for the benefit of industrial agriculture?  Seriously, do you want your children drinking hormones that increase milk production??!  Always choose organic dairy!

The majority of the PCP recommendations, not surprisingly, have been the mantra of us dirt-worshipping-tree-huggers for decades.  They suggest simple things like driving an eco-friendly car (or transporting yourself by bike, feet or public transportation), turning off electrical appliances to reduce the pollution created by power generation, properly disposing of waste (including unused medications) which contaminate our water supply, and eliminating chemical fertilizers and pesticides in and around our homes.

There are some excellent resources on the web to easily guide people to healthier choices.  For many years I have relied on the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to help understand the information-overload that causes many people to throw up their hands in confusion.  You can easily discover if your skin-care products and cosmetics are toxic, which foods have the worst pesticides, the quality of your drinking waterhealthy home tips, and much more.

One of the primary reasons for starting this blog is to inspire activism, so I was pleasantly surprised to read the following statement in the PCP report:
"Each person can become an active voice in his or her own community. To a greater extent than many realize, individuals have the power to affect public policy by letting policymakers know that they strongly support environmental cancer research and measures that will reduce or remove from the environment toxics that are known or suspected carcinogens or endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Individuals can also influence industry by selecting non-toxic products and where these do not exist, communicating with manufacturers and trade organizations about their desire for safer products."
WE have the power to prevent cancer, to SAVE LIVES and make a real difference for future generations.  NOW is the time.

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Get the FACTS & get INVOLVED!

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Surviving Cancer

The medical community, oncologists in particular, have a pseudo-comforting fairy tale they like to tell:
"More people are surviving cancer than ever before." 
Sounds nice, but there are two serious flaws with that propaganda. First, "surviving" and being healthy are not the same thing. And second, keeping the focus on survival rates ignores the FACT that more people than ever before are being diagnosed with cancer (aprox 4,600 people are newly diagnosed with cancer every day in the United States)  The result of their slight-of-hand trickery is that there is very little attention given to the 1 thing proven to truly improve people's lives: PREVENTION!

The continuous increase in childhood cancers is particularly disturbing, especially considering that the average age at diagnosis is 6 years old. It is very likely that these children will never grow up healthy; they may get older, but they may not grow or develop properly. Chemotherapy and radiation are so damaging to their immature bodies, especially the endocrine system, that very often their cells, organs and glands never recover.

For many decades, doctors have observed the immediate side-effects of  "treatment", vomiting, hair loss and such. But it was only recently that they began investigating the long-term effects of poisoning the patient in an attempt to kill the cancer, something they now call "late-effects." Shockingly, they discovered that nearly 75% of childhood cancer survivors develop chronic, severe, life-long health problems! 

 Late-effects can interfere with nearly every bodily function and even cause death.  Common problems include:

  infertility, loss of brain function (called chemo-brain), bladder and kidney damage, lung disease, obesity, secondary cancers, heart disease, hearing loss, liver damage that causes hepatitis, musculoskeletal damage causing children to grow far too fast or not at all, and digestion problems that cause permanent diarrhea, lactose intolerance and failure to thrive.

Those are common, and usually permanent issues for children who survive "treatment" for cancer and it is much the same for adult survivors.  And who changed the meaning of 'cure' to '5 years survival'??!

5 years of survival is NOT a CURE 
to kids who want to grow up!

Remission, being "cancer-free", surviving cancer and treatment often comes with a very high price:  severe, life-long catastrophic illness and even death.

There is only one cure for this devastating epidemic that kills more than 1,600 people every day in the US:  PREVENTION!

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Get the FACTS & get INVOLVED!

Simple Cancer Stats

3 - 2 - 1 - We are so bombarded by numbers every day that they often become just a blur in our sub-conscience.  These are 3 simple numbers that I hope you take a minute to remember.

In The United States of America:

3- THREE  adults are newly diagnosed with cancer
   every minute of every hour.

2Cancer is the number TWO  cause of death

1- More than ONE  adult DIES from cancer
   every minute of every hour

Think about it for 1 minute...3, 2, 1...remember.

EVERY MINUTE of every hour 
1 adult dies & 3 more are newly diagnosed
with CANCER - the #2 KILLER of adults
(& the #1 CHILD KILLER!)
day after day, week after week, month after month...

3...2...1...BREAK THE SILENCE!

PREVENTION is the only thing proven to
increase health while reducing the risk of
becoming part of the cancer epidemic!

 ~  ~  ~