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A Call to Action For President Obama

I am truly impressed by the astounding 240 page report (pdf) submitted by the President's Cancer Panel in May 2010. This could be a major step towards real reform if Congress and the president himself actually takes action. But, make no mistake, that's a big "IF". As the report makes very clear, its not as if the government didn't already know about dangerous environmental carcinogens; they have simply chosen to protect corporations instead of the American people. The panel said this:
"Environmental exposures that increase the national cancer burden do not represent a new front in the ongoing war on cancer. However, the grievous harm from this group of carcinogens has not been addressed adequately by the National Cancer Program."
The report begins with a strongly worded letter to President Obama outlining their findings. The final sentence of that letter is the unheard plea of millions of Americans since Rachel Carson rang the warning bell nearly 50 years ago in her classic book "Silent Spring". The panel's request of President Obama:
"The Panel urges you most strongly to use the power of your office to remove the carcinogens and other toxins from our food, water, and air that needlessly increase health care costs, cripple our Nation’s productivity, and devastate American lives."
The panel makes specific recommendations to the public stating:
"...individuals can take important steps in their own lives to reduce their exposure to environmental elements that increase risk for cancer and other diseases. And collectively, individual small actions can drastically reduce the number and levels of environmental contaminants."

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