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Simple Cancer Stats

3 - 2 - 1 - We are so bombarded by numbers every day that they often become just a blur in our sub-conscience.  These are 3 simple numbers that I hope you take a minute to remember.

In The United States of America:

3- THREE  adults are newly diagnosed with cancer
   every minute of every hour.

2Cancer is the number TWO  cause of death

1- More than ONE  adult DIES from cancer
   every minute of every hour

Think about it for 1 minute...3, 2, 1...remember.

EVERY MINUTE of every hour 
1 adult dies & 3 more are newly diagnosed
with CANCER - the #2 KILLER of adults
(& the #1 CHILD KILLER!)
day after day, week after week, month after month...

3...2...1...BREAK THE SILENCE!

PREVENTION is the only thing proven to
increase health while reducing the risk of
becoming part of the cancer epidemic!

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