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Surviving Cancer

The medical community, oncologists in particular, have a pseudo-comforting fairy tale they like to tell:
"More people are surviving cancer than ever before." 
Sounds nice, but there are two serious flaws with that propaganda. First, "surviving" and being healthy are not the same thing. And second, keeping the focus on survival rates ignores the FACT that more people than ever before are being diagnosed with cancer (aprox 4,600 people are newly diagnosed with cancer every day in the United States)  The result of their slight-of-hand trickery is that there is very little attention given to the 1 thing proven to truly improve people's lives: PREVENTION!

The continuous increase in childhood cancers is particularly disturbing, especially considering that the average age at diagnosis is 6 years old. It is very likely that these children will never grow up healthy; they may get older, but they may not grow or develop properly. Chemotherapy and radiation are so damaging to their immature bodies, especially the endocrine system, that very often their cells, organs and glands never recover.

For many decades, doctors have observed the immediate side-effects of  "treatment", vomiting, hair loss and such. But it was only recently that they began investigating the long-term effects of poisoning the patient in an attempt to kill the cancer, something they now call "late-effects." Shockingly, they discovered that nearly 75% of childhood cancer survivors develop chronic, severe, life-long health problems! 

 Late-effects can interfere with nearly every bodily function and even cause death.  Common problems include:

  infertility, loss of brain function (called chemo-brain), bladder and kidney damage, lung disease, obesity, secondary cancers, heart disease, hearing loss, liver damage that causes hepatitis, musculoskeletal damage causing children to grow far too fast or not at all, and digestion problems that cause permanent diarrhea, lactose intolerance and failure to thrive.

Those are common, and usually permanent issues for children who survive "treatment" for cancer and it is much the same for adult survivors.  And who changed the meaning of 'cure' to '5 years survival'??!

5 years of survival is NOT a CURE 
to kids who want to grow up!

Remission, being "cancer-free", surviving cancer and treatment often comes with a very high price:  severe, life-long catastrophic illness and even death.

There is only one cure for this devastating epidemic that kills more than 1,600 people every day in the US:  PREVENTION!

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Get the FACTS & get INVOLVED!

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