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Benefits of Change: Incalculable

The President's Cancer Panel is a non-partisan team of experts whose job it is to examine the National Cancer Program.  They made many specific suggestions in their May 2010 report (pdf) and implemeting these recommendations would provide the following benefits:

* Reduce not only cancer incidences, but all the diseases that kill us most often

* Save trillions of dollars on health care

* Protect the health of children and future generations

* Greatly improve the quality of our food and water

* Protect our natural environment

* Ensure consumer goods are safe to use

* Drastically reduce court cases that cost taxpayers billions of dollars

* Our greatest thinkers would have time and resources to innovate for the betterment of society rather than looking for solutions to the messes we've made thus far

* Lawmakers will end the decades long battle to legislate "safe levels" of toxins

These are just some of the benefits we would realize if the Panel's recommendations were implemented and chemical policy were changed to protect human health, not corporate profits.

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