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"Cocktail of Contaminates" in a Healthy Diet

A disturbing look at the massive number of chemicals in a so-called "healthy" diet.

From the report:

"In a single day, a 10-year-old child in Europe may be exposed through food to 128 chemical residues of 81 different substances. Forty-two of these substances are classified as "possibly or probably carcinogens", and five as "certainly carcinogens". No fewer than 37 substances are endocrine disruptors."

Many scientists believe "what is harmful is not the intensity of the dose but the repetition of small doses", over a long period of time, interacting with each other in unknown ways.  There are no long term studies of the "effects of probable interaction caused by consuming a cocktail of contaminants of this sort, and the long-term risk for consumers is probably seriously underestimated."

The full story from The Guardian:
Study maps chemical residues in European children's diets

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