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Reactionary Approaches

The very first recommendation of the 2010 "President's Cancer Panel" is this:
"A precautionary, prevention-oriented approach should replace current reactionary approaches to environmental contaminants"
Exactly! Our lives are consumed by reacting to what our government officials allow. Current policy forces Americans to be exposed to more than 80,000 mostly untested chemicals every single day. And then makes us responsible for proving these contaminates are unsafe. Millions of people have paid for that policy with their life.

The panel was bold enough to follow with this:
"Optimally, (policy) should shift the burden of proving safety to manufacturers."
Well, Hallelujah! Why should taxpayers be required to prove a product is harmful? Those who profit from these "contaminants" should bear the full cost of proving their safety before they are used on the open market.

Those 80,000 chemicals and processes (like radiation from "tests" and work-place hazards) are linked to all of the diseases that kill us most often. They are linked to our water being unfit to drink. They are linked to our food being contaminated with much more than just pesticides and fertilizers-now we've been pumped full of growth hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified organisms (GMO seeds/foods)!!

A "reactionary" policy is choking every part of our lives. The Panel makes it clear that disease rates are increasing, some at alarming speed. Endless environmental "accidents" are reported daily across the country, polluting our soil, water and air. Our courts and governments are spending hideous amounts of time and money proving the harm these products do to our bodies and our environment.

The price society pays for this chemical free-for-all is truly incalculable.

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