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Safety of HRT in Children

And so we went another round with the GR Oncology Team. It gets so frustrating; I want an independent opinion and all I get is the same old line: "The only way to help your daughter's bones is to get on the estrogen merry-go-round." Her oncologist, an endocrinologist and now an orthopedic surgeon have all said the ONLY way to prevent her bone deterioration from becoming debilitating before age 30 is to start pumping my 12 year old child with estrogen injections every month for an indefinite period of time, up to 30 years!!

 Ovarian cancer cost my daughter her reproductive organs last year and without ovaries producing estrogen, doctors tell me her bones won't harden, or mineralize, properly.  It is very similar to the bone issues of menopausal women except that cancer struck before her bones hardened as most people's do in their teen years. At times she is in severe pain and I am desperately seeking relief for her. But I am not willing to further risk her health using dangerous, unproven treatments.

When I point out to doctors that everything they thought they knew about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was turned on its head a few years ago, and that HRT is no longer considered safe or standard therapy, it seems prudent to ask to see studies that it is safe for children to be taking these hormones. But there aren't any studies. There isn't even a standard protocol! There are doctors telling me they've been doing this to children for decades, but no one has bothered to look at what happens to these kids years later.

Childhood cancer patients almost always graduate from pediatric to adult doctors when they turn 18 and nobody keeps track of their long-term health. The only study of its kind was published in 2006 and reveled that a shocking 75% of childhood cancer survivors develop chronic, severe, life-long health problems!! A fact doctors "didn't know" because NO ONE had studied it before.

Scientists now believe HRT is dangerous for adult women, especially long-term use. Isn't it just common sense that it would be at least as bad for children?!? Yet, doctors look at me like I'm crazy for even questioning their high-and-mighty advice!  I listen politely and try to make my concerns known without being insulting, but this sick-care system in the US is insane!! Even a 12 year old can see the perverseness of a cancer doctor prescribing a "treatment" that causes cancer!!

All 3 doctors briefly mentioned calcium and vitamin D supplements, and the orthopedic surgeon prescribed 2 weeks of physical therapy to teach her some exercises to strengthen her back. And all 3 have gone on at length about hormone/estrogen therapy. It seems none of them have the time or incentive to teach us how to build healthy bones or manage pain without putting her health in further jeopardy.
It is disgustingly profitable to increase membership in the Big Pharma Sick-Care System.  I'll continue seeking authentic good health for my daughter and providers who support our choices.
UPDATE:  I found this abstract, 'Hormone Replacement Therapy and the Adolescent'.  Quote: "Despite the large numbers of patients for whom HRT is prescribed, little prospective data exist to aid clinicians in making evidence-based decisions as to the optimal treatment regimens." 
I did NOT give birth to a lab-rat!!
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