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Better Regulation Needed to Protect Health-Care Workers

When my daughter began her chemotherapy I was quite shocked to learn that only specially trained workers are permitted to handle these drugs and that they must wear protective clothing; a type of HAZMAT suit, which I suppose makes sense considering chemo drugs are hazardous materials.  Employees must also wear protective clothing when handling the patient's bodily fluids (i.e. emptying their urine into a toilet).  THAT'S how toxic these drugs are!

Chemotherapy drugs indiscriminately kill cells throughout the body.  They also damage and change DNA.  My 12 year old daughter used to have stick-straight, light blond hair; it all fell out and is growing back much darker and curly.  Her taste buds have never fully recovered; 18 months since chemo ended and she still gets a metallic taste in her mouth.  Many patients must be kept in isolation because chemo drugs DESTROY their immune system and the slightest infection could kill them.  This is part of the reason you sometimes hear it said that it wasn't the cancer that killed a person, but rather the "treatment."

I am a strong proponent of natural health-care, but I have nothing but respect and admiration for the oncology nurses who risk their own health in an effort to help people.  To now learn that these selfless caretakers are not adequately protected is deeply disturbing and heartbreaking.

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