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Medical Radiation in Children

A major reason I am all about PREVENTION to cure the cancer epidemic:  "treatment" is often toxic and sometimes deadly.
Even if a cancer patient doesn't receive radiation as "treatment", they are repeatedly exposed to it through the many x-rays and CT (CAT) scans doctors use to see where the cancer is, if it has spread, if it has come back and many other reasons.  Each scan can increase their risk of future cancers and other health problems.

A typical CT scan of the chest "delivers more than 100 times the radiation dose of a typical chest X-ray."

Children are especially vulnerable to the damaging effects of radiation, yet the FDA does NOT require equipment manufacturers to add safety features to protect children.  Some do so voluntarily, but General Electric, Toshiba Corp, Hitachi Ltd, and Siemens and Philips, apparently do not consider safety of children important.

An interesting article from Rueters:
Radiation exposure from imaging common in kids
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Cancer KILLS 1 American-
10,000 people EVERY week!

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