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Powerful Testimony

Molly Jones Gray testified before Congress regarding her participation in a study of the effects of toxic chemicals on pregnancy.
"The study tested for phthalates, mercury, PFC “Teflon chemicals”, flame-retardants, and BPA. Many of these substances are known to cause adverse health effects such as reproductive problems, cancer, hormone disruption, and impaired neurodevelopment."
Her testimony is powerful and encouraging to all of us who work tirelessly to educate the public about the insanity and lack of regulation of cancer-causing chemicals.
"Something is wrong when I, as an educated consumer, am unable to protect my baby from toxic chemicals. I and all other parents should be able to walk into stores and buy what we need without winding up with products that put our families’ health at risk."
Read Molly's full statement here:
Babies deserve to grow in a healthy environment
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FACT: Every minute of every hour
Cancer KILLS 1 American-
10,000 people EVERY week!!

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