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Veterans' Cancers Linked to Monsanto

According to the 2010 "President's Cancer Panel Report":  "The military is a major source of toxic occupational and environmental exposures that can increase cancer risk." (download the 240 page PDF report here) In fact, some of the most toxic places in the US are linked to the military: "Superfund sites are areas that have been designated as among the worst areas of toxic contamination in the United States. Nearly 900 Superfund sites are abandoned military facilities or facilities that produced materials and products for or otherwise supported military needs."
(El Toro Marine Air Station in California, Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base in North Carolina, Fort Detrick Army base in Maryland, etc.)

At Camp Lejeune, reports indicate a higher "incidence of cancers (including at least 53 cases of male breast cancer)" and "many children born at the base suffered birth defects and illnesses." Women living at or near the base "had unusually high miscarriage rates." For many years government official denied any link or knowledge of a problem.  Nice way to treat our service men, women and their families, right?

Now Maryland officials are warning that certain cancers (bone, liver and endocrine) are appearing at a high rate in young people living near Fort Detrick.  It is believed that the dumping of Agent Orange at the base may be related to the increased cancer incidences.

Agent Orange, a chemical defoliant, is manufactured by Monsanto.

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Abnormal Cancer Rates at Fort Detrick Tied to Monsanto's Agent Orange

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