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The Irish Fight to Cure Childhood Cancer

Are you aware? September is CHILDHOOD cANCER AWARENESS MONTH

Demand CHANGE kids can LIVE with!

---> Incidence rates for CHILDHOOD cANCER have been increasing for more than 40 years!

-----> 4 out 5 kids diagnosed with CHILDHOOD cANCER die within 5 years or suffer from disabling health problems & early death.

---> Half of all chemotherapies used for children's cancers are 25 years old.

-----> The FDA has approved only one drug for childhood cancer in the past 20 years.

---> CHILDHOOD cANCER receives less than 4% of the total National Cancer Institute's budget; nearly 1/3 of that is directed at Leukemia research leaving barely 2% for all other kids' cancers COMBINED!

Our kids NEED more funding for research! They deserve safer treatments and better long-term care NOW!

---> Please get INVOLVED - because kids want to grow up, too


---> These links are to organizations that are leading the fight against CHILDHOOD cANCER - they NEED YOUR SUPPORT NOW!!

Please SHARE your time, money or expertise - GET INVOLVED so that more kids can live longer, healthier lives.

People Against Childhood Cancer (PAC2)

St. Baldrick's Foundation

Cure Search

Alex's Lemonade Stand

46 Mommas Shave for the Brave

The Make-A-Wish Foundation

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Get the FACTS & get INVOLVED!

Why Kids Need Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

 Hold the ta-tas until October; September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and we're wrapping the world in gold ribbons for kids.  As the parent of a child diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 10, and as a voice for all kids, I hope the public will help us make GOLD the new pink (or #GoldTheNewPink for you Tweeters).  Our children deserve to experience the same progress against their disease as women have ever since the world became aware of the pink ribbon message.

I know the world has been told that the medical community has made great strides against the disease that kills our kids most often, but it's a lie; a great big fat DEADLY LIE!  Can you handle the truth?  Kids are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with cancer today than they were 50 years ago!  Incidence rates (the percentage of people diagnosed) have been increasing for decades (for kids & adults)!  Death rates for many of the most common types have not improved in over 20 years!!  Does that sound like progress?

The fact is nearly 20% of kids (1 out of 5) diagnosed with cancer will die within 5 years. Almost 75% of childhood cancer survivors develop chronic, severe, life-long health problems & have a high risk of secondary cancer.  They are scarred and sterile and without limbs.  They have severely damaged immune systems, learning disabilities and often face emotional difficulties.  Progress?? By who's definition??
It a cancer patient survives 5 years doctors call that a 'cure'.
The average age children are diagnosed with cancer is 6 years old.
5 years is NOT a CURE to kids who want to GROW UP!!
One of the biggest problems with CHILDHOOD cANCER 'treatments' is that they were designed for adults, but kids' cancers are often VERY different than the 'same' adult cancer.  And the toxic therapies that adults struggle to survive are killing our kids.  The reason?  $MONEY$!!  Our kids are dying, more than anything, because cancer research, especially CHILDHOOD cANCER, is inexplicably under-funded.

As just 1 example, there have been 50 drugs approved to treat adult cancers in the past 20 years; in that same time there has been only 1 new drug approved for kids fighting numerous types of childhood cancers.

NCI reduced funding for childhood cancer in 2011
 The National Cancer Institute's 2010 budget totaled more than $5 Billion; research focused on CHILDHOOD cANCER received less than 4% of that money.  But it gets worse; nearly 1/3 of that measly total is set aside for childhood Leukemia research leaving barely 2% of that $5 billion to help ALL of the other CHILDHOOD cANCERS COMBINED!!  And if Leukemia is the #1 cancer affecting kids (and it is) why are spending more than 4 times as much on adult Leukemia research than we do for kids'??! ($56,124,322. vs $239,689,242.)

In 2011, NCI actually reduced funding for childhood cancer research!!  This is the #1 disease killing our children!

Our kids NEED us to demand more funding for CHILDHOOD cANCER research! Children deserve safer treatments and better long-term care!

These links are to organizations that are leading the fight against CHILDHOOD cANCER - they NEED YOUR SUPPORT NOW!!

 ~ Please share your time, money or expertise 
so that kids can live longer, healthier lives. ~

~ People Against Childhood Cancer (PAC2)

~ St. Baldrick's Foundation

~ Cure Search

~ Alex's Lemonade Stand

~ 46 Mommas Shave for the Brave

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Get the FACTS & get INVOLVED!

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