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Fracking Fresh Water in Texas

When we think of things that cause cancer, energy policy isn't usually high on the list, but it has become a fact-of-life from the Ohio Valley to Texas:

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was justified in ordering that drinking water be provided to several Parker County residents whose water wells were contaminated with methane and cancer-causing benzene in 2010, but additional work needs to be done to assess whether a risk still exists, according to an internal investigation released Tuesday."

"The case began after Steve Lipsky, a resident of the Silverado subdivision in far south Parker County, noticed that his water bubbled like champagne."

"The agency believed that methane gas and other chemicals leaked into the aquifer because of the company’s nearby hydraulic fracturing, used to extract natural gas and oil by pumping high-pressure, chemical-laced water to crack thick layers of rock."

Read the full article:
Report Backs EPA Order on Water Contamination in Parker County

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