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Healthier Grilling

It can be discouraging to continuously discover that our favorite foods are bad for our health; to the point that many simply give up trying.  One of my big 'bummer-moments' was learning that grilled foods can contain cancer causing chemicals. It's a good idea to try to limit meat intake, but in the summertime our grill is used far more often than the stove, so I've sought out ways to be healthier about it.

The first step to better grilling is to stop using traditional charcoal, instead opt for hardwood lump charcoal which doesn't contain chemical additives.  Never use lighter fluid or the 'fancy' charcoal that's already been soaked in it.

Grilled fish, veggies & fruits form fewer harmful chemicals than beef, pork or chicken.  Use a drip-tray to catch any juices which prevents them from smoking when they hit hot coals.

Whatever you choose to grill, (fish, meat, veggies, etc) marinate the food for at least an hour or 2 in a mixture that contains beer or wine and add a couple handfuls of fresh or dried rosemary, thyme & oregano to the marinade.  Herbs contain antioxidants that can greatly reduce the toxins created by grilling. (especially rosemary)

Slow cooking over low heat (& further from the coals) is better than using high heat. Try to keep the temperature under 375 degrees & don't allow foods to blacken on the outside. Happy, healthy grilling!

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