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The Case for New Chemical Laws

A recent article by John Replogle, president and CEO of Seventh Generation, makes it clear why we need new regulations to protect us from the toxic chemicals we are exposed to almost constantly:

"Currently, chemical safety is largely regulated by the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), a 1976 law that's done a dismal job of protecting public health. The law requires no pre-market safety testing for the roughly 85,000 chemicals in the market and the 1,000 new chemicals introduced each year. Instead, a perennially underfunded EPA must prove that a chemical is unsafe before its use can be dialed back."

"If even just 10% of the estimated 85,000 different chemicals currently in production were toxic, a conservative estimate, one would expect a viable TSCA to have banned or controlled roughly 8,500 of them. Instead, in nearly 40 years, this toothless law has regulated just 5 and assessed only 195 others."

Read the full article:
We Need Regulation to Remove Chemicals from the Supply Chain

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