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Favorite Organic Brands & Tips for Eating Clean

When it comes to preventing cancer, the importance of eating clean food cannot be understated. By clean food I mean organic or GMO-free foods. (to avoid known carcinogens)  Even though most of us are loyal to our favorite brands & purchase them automatically, it isn't hard to find new favorites that offer a higher quality product.  To help you get started, I've made a list of our favorite organic brands & some tips for finding and affording healthier food.
* click here for a list of articles from numerous sources regarding the benefits of organics and the pesky problems with 'conventional' food.

It is very important to limit consumption of canned foods because most cans contain BPA, a known endocrine disruptor which has been linked to cancer in numerous studies.  BPA can also be found in other types of packaging and there's no guarantee that products that replace it are any safer.

Buying in bulk is a great way to avoid all packaging if you bring your own containers.  And of course, purchasing as much fresh produce as possible is good for many reasons.
* Learn more about what BPA is & how to avoid it.

Until genetically engineered foods are required to be labeled in the USA (as they are in numerous other countries), it is up to individuals to seek out foods grown & produced without GMO seeds.  The Non-GMO Project provides an extensive directory of products verified to be free of GMO ingredients.
* Learn  5 things you should know about GMOs

To save money on healthy eats, check out "The Food Babe's" awesome list of 75+ tips for eating organic on a budget &  a quick Google search provides links to numerous websites offering coupons for organic foods; use them to make organic more affordable.

 We mid-westerners are lucky to have Meijer grocery stores to provide thousands of 'clean food' options.  The 'Meijer Naturals' line is committed to using GMO-free ingredients and the 'Meijer Organics' line is expanding all the time (this is a small sample of their organic items).  Our local store carries a 'Meijer Organics' version of many everyday foods; pasta, cheese, eggs, (canned &) frozen fruits & veggies, peanut butter, baked beans & much more.

* To learn more about clean meat, check out 
the "Meat-Eaters Guide" to healthier meats.

This is a list of our favorite organic and/or GMO-free brands; we have enjoyed & trust them all.  Where available, I have also provided links to each company's coupons & recipes.  Many companies offer coupons & promotions on their website or by newsletter & e-mail.  Also, check inside your store near the 'Weekly Specials' flyers.

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* Lundberg Family Farms - variety of quality rice products

* Hodgson Mill - premium flours, pasta & baking mixes

* Bob's Red Mill - quality grains, beans & flours

* King Arthur Flour - wide variety of flours & baking items

* Simply Organic - herbs, spices & seasoning mixes

* Wholesome Sweeteners - natural & organic sweeteners

* Natures Path - cereals, breads, waffles, toaster pastries
(Nature's Path recipes)

* Rudi's Bakery - breads, rolls, wraps
(Rudi's recipes & promotions)

* Garden of Eatin' - chips, snacks & meal starters
(Garden of Eatin' recipes & promotions)

* Late July - chips, crackers & snacks

* Amy's Kitchen - variety of soups, condiments & frozen entrées
BPA-free cans (Amy's recipes)

* Eden Foods - variety of fruits, veggies, pantry items
BPA-free cans (Eden recipes)

* Muir Glen - salsas & pasta sauces (in jars)
(Muir Glen recipes)
NOTE: their canned products may contain BPA

* Annies - family-friendly dinners, condiments & snacks
(Annie's recipes)

* Imagine Foods - soups & broths
(Imagine recipes & coupons on website)

* Organic Valley - milk, cheese & dairy
(Organic Valley recipes)

* Stonyfield Organic - variety of yogurts
(Stonyfield recipes & coupons)

* Applegate - deli meats, sausages & BACON!
(Applegate recipes & coupons)

* Ian's Natural Foods - kid-friendly, frozen entrées & snacks

* Uncle Matt's - delicious, not-from-concentrate juices & fruits
(Uncle Matt's recipes)

* Randall Beans - wide variety of cooked beans in glass jars
(Randall recipes & coupons)
NOTE: products are GMO-free, but not organic

* Earth's Best - infant formula & baby foods
(promos & coupons)

* Green & Black Chocolate - unique flavors for eating & baking
(Green & Black recipes)

* Dr. Bronner's - known for making the best soaps on Earth,
they also sell organic coconut oil. (monthly specials)

The website, "Live the Organic Life", has compiled an extensive directory of organic brands, including non-food items.  I would caution that not all organics are equal; some companies import foods from places like China or engage in other questionable practices.  Therefore, we avoid certain brands, including Horizon dairy, Cascadian Farms, Kashi & Silk.

Try to support family owned farms & brands, and purchase local & regional products when available.  Find & support your Local Farmers Markets, many are staying open year round for better access to fresh produce & market items.

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