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New Study: Carcinogens & Cancer Preventors in Diet

 "Diet can have both positive and negative effects on carcinogenesis. Several substances in diet such as heterocyclic amines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, N-nitroso compounds and alcohols have been associated with increased risk of cancer, whereas certain compounds such as phytochemicals and probiotics have cancer preventing properties. This paper aims to review the carcinogenic and cancer preventive properties of dietary substances and their possible mechanisms of action."

"Diet and nutritional factors are one of several major causes of carcinogenesis. Chemoprevention by dietary substances is now considered to be an inexpensive, readily applicable, acceptable and accessible approach to cancer control and management. With health-care costs being a key issue today, it would be cost-effective to promote awareness and consumption of such substances as a cancer-preventive strategy for the general public. Hence, a good knowledge of diet, nutrition and life-styles are important to reduce cancer risk in the society."

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Carcinogens and Cancer Preventors in Diet

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