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Colorado Groundwater Likely Contains Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals

Via The Boulder Weekly:

Front Range groundwater likely contains hormone-disrupting chemicals due to oil and gas activity -

Holistic Tips for Expectant Moms

Via Veria Living:

Top 10 Holistic Tips for Expectant Moms

Nearly 100 Toxic Plumes Poisoning Colorado Water

A well known carcinogen is causing poison plumes across Colorado and thanks to the inept EPA, it's perfectly legal.
"The (plumes) formed because, in the past, PCE legally could be flushed into sewers, dumped out backdoors, emptied down alleys.
PCE is heavy, sinking through soil and groundwater to form pools that can remain volatile for decades and do not readily break down.
Health authorities say they worry most about sites where PCE levels in soil and groundwater are so high that vapors rise up and contaminate buildings."
Read more:
Cancer-causing chemical PCE contaminates Colorado soil, water and homes - The Denver Post

Why Organics Matter (Especially to Children)

Via the Environmental Working Group (EWG):

The Case For Organic Fruits and Veggies

EPA Unable to Identify Cause of Cancer Cluster

Osteosarcoma incidence rates
have increased 40% since 1970s
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been investigating possible environmental causes for a cluster of childhood cancer cases near West Salem, Oregon.  The investigation is in response to a public petition begun after numerous children were diagnosed with a type of bone cancer called osteosarcoma; at least 1 has died.
"Investigators tested for the presence of radium, found in some drinking water sources, that has been connected with osteosarcoma."
Radium is a radioactive metal found in uranium, radon is the radioactive gas formed when radium decays; both are known carcinogens.

A parent group, led by Craig Prosser, indicated more osteosarcoma cases are being reported by current and former West Salem youths.
“People are coming out of the woodwork,” Prosser said. “We’re just trying to find answers to help kids in the future not get sick.”
State Rep. Vicki Berger, stated she would keep pressure on officials to continue looking for a cause for the cancer cases.
“Nobody in this community is going to walk away from this,” she said. “Why would we? How could we?”

Read more:
EPA study finds no environmental cause for West Salem cancer cases | Statesman Journal |

Carcinoid Tumor Overview

What are carcinoid tumors?

From WebMD:
"Most carcinoid tumors start in the gut, including the intestines, appendix, rectum, colon, stomach, and pancreas. These tumors can also be found in the lungs, ovary, and elsewhere.  Carcinoid tumors are a type of neuroendocrine tumor, which means they come from cells of the nervous and endocrine system."

According to the National Cancer Institute, these tumors are usually diagnosed in adults, however, they are sometimes found in children.

Learn more about symptoms, treatment & risk factors from NCI.

* * *

Carcinoid tumors are one type of cancer that
 has seen dramatic increases in recent years, many suspect changes in our food may be the cause.
Inceased incidence in carcinoid tumors

Carcinoid tumor locations

Firefighters Object to Toxic Flame Retardant

From the state of Washington, firefighters are battling for cancer prevention:
"Firefighters told lawmakers Wednesday that Tris chemicals, two flame retardants linked to cancer & other health problems, are dangerous and don’t belong in children’s products."
"Geoff Simpson of the Washington State Council of Firefighters says that chemical flame retardants are ineffective.
“I’ve never been to a house fire where everything burned except for the foam cushions inside the couch. Everything burns, these things not only are they burning, but they are killing people that are sitting on them because they are exposing them to toxic chemicals,” he said."

Read more:
Firefighters want ban on chemical flame retardants in children’s products :: The Capitol Record | News, background and notes on Washington state government.

Prevention Tip:  Avoid flame retardants; choose natural materials like cotton & wool, which are naturally fire-resistant.

Flame retardant chemicals are also causing increasing numbers of cancers in firefighters.  Since fire retardants are found in so many places throughout most homes, it's important to know how to avoid them as much as possible. (this is especially important for any home with children, pets, or people with breathing or immune problems)

Learn more tips for from the Environmental Working Group's "Healthy Home Tips".

WHO: Highest Cancer Risk is in Developed Countries

Last week the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed some startling facts regarding the impact cancer is having on our lives.  It wasn't all bad news, as they strongly urged more efforts in preventing cancer worldwide, even going so far as saying this:
"We can't beat cancer with drugs alone; more commitment to prevention is desperately needed."
As a resident of the U.S., I found the first line of this article particularly disturbing:
"Globally, 1 in 5 men and 1 in 6 women will develop cancer before the age of 75."
Disturbing, because in the USA, 1/2 of all men & 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed, double the worldwide rate!  I wonder if U.S. childrens' risk trends are similar to adults; I suspect they are.

Also, according to the WHO report,
the total yearly cost of cancer was $1.16 trillion in 2010.
Incidence rates and the number of dollars spent increase every year, which is why the critical importance of preventing cancer is finally being prioritized as the most important weapon if we intend to win the decades long War on Cancer.

Read more:
Cancer: A Global Threat

Clyde, Ohio Cancer Cluster Vitims Pay for Testing

The on-going tragedy in Clyde, Ohio is another example of the government's failure to oversee & regulate the actions of corporations.  And in Clyde, it's children who are paying the price.
"Like other cancer cluster areas, Clyde has an unusually high rate of cancer diagnoses. At least 37 children in the area have been diagnosed -- and all live within 12 miles of each other." 
"In the fall of 2012, the EPA found high levels of toxic, possibly cancer-causing chemical compounds in soil samples from Whirlpool Park, formerly a residential area owned by home appliance manufacturer Whirlpool Corp. Locals said that "black sludge" had been dumped in the area." 
It was reported that black sludge was dumped at Whirlpool Park near the basketball court & near the pond that provided water for the swimming pool. The EPA found the dumping ground contained a depth of  9 feet of  toxic sludge full of PCBs.

It is a far too common story that little map-dot towns are invaded by huge corporations promising jobs & growth.  I drive US-20 through Clyde fairly often, always with a very heavy heart.  Except for Whirlpool, there's really not much to distinguish it from the the countless other little farm-land hamlets in northern Ohio.  Recently I noticed a fairly new cancer clinic down the road from the Whirlpool behemoth; I'm certain that's not the kind of 'growth' the good people of Clyde expected.

Read more:
Clyde, Ohio, 'Cancer Cluster' Families Pay For Toxicity Tests Of Their Homes

New Vitamin C Research

Yet another research study has found Vitamin C could be effective medicine for people fighting cancer.
"Vitamin C delivered directly to human and mouse ovarian cancer cells helped kill off those cells while leaving normal cells unharmed, University of Kansas researchers report."
A search of the PubMed database for "Vitamin C & cancer" provides results of more than 4,600 studies; many of them had incredibly positive results.  Vitamin C has repeatedly been shown to kill several types of cancer cells without harming healthy cells.  So why don't cancer patients have the option of using this safe & effective treatment?
"It's been hard to attract funding for further research. There's no reason for pharmaceutical companies to fund vitamin C research, and federal officials have been uninterested in plowing research dollars into the effort"
If you'd like to see more research into less toxic treatments, please tell Congress.  They are supposed to represent our values & they must prioritize spending accordingly.  They continue to fund strategies that are causing us to lose the War on Cancer; we need change we (& our children) can live with.  It's time to fund research focused on cancer prevention & treatments that don't have 'death' as a side effect.

Read the full study:
Intravenous Vitamin C May Boost Chemo's Cancer-Fighting Power

Related article:
"Vitamin C to Treat Neuroblastoma"

Testicular Cancer Incidence Trends (& the Disturbing Connections)

From a 2008 testicular cancer study:
"Testicular cancer is the most diagnosed malignancy among young men age 15 to 34 years. 95% of tumors arising in the testes are Germ Cell Tumors (GCTs).
Incidence of testicular cancer continues to increase among US males. Between 1975 and 2004 the incidence rate for ages, 15−49 years increased 71.9%.  Black males demonstrated the highest increase in the annual percent change.
"A possible plausible explanation comes from gestational hormonal differences, namely differences in in-utero exposure to testosterone and estrogen, with increased risk of testicular cancer associated with elevated levels of estrogen in-utero." 
"There is a possibility that hormonal differences may act in concert with genetic, life style or environmental influences to initiate and promote testicular carcinogenesis."
Read the full study:
Testicular Cancer Incidence Trends in the United States, 1975−2004

The reason this post is tagged 'Childhood Cancer' is because Germ Cell Tumors occur in males & females of all ages; in females they present most often as ovarian cancer.  It is the cancer my daughter was diagnosed with nearly 5 years ago, when she was 10 years old.

Like most ovarian cancers, hers wasn't diagnosed until it had advanced to Stage 3. (click here for ovarian cancer symptoms)

Testicular cancers are often detected early because they are easier to notice. (this family-friendly video shows how to do a self-exam)

Unlike most ovarian cancers, which form on the surface (epithelial) of the ovary, GCTs  begin in the egg cells.  In males, germination cells are supposed to become sperm cells; they are the seeds of life itself.

In his recent book, "Avoidable Causes of Childhood Cancer", Dr. Samuel Epstein wrote this:
"The annual incidence of cancer for adolescents increased from 183 per million in 1979 to 204 per million in 1995." 
"The largest contributors to this increase were testicular & ovarian germ cell tumors."
In an effort to reassure me of how 'treatable' her cancer was, it was my daughter's oncologist who pointed out to me that she had the same type of cancer as Lance Armstrong.  Regardless of gender, germ cell tumors usually present in the gonads (testicles & ovaries); they are occasionally found in the lungs, brain or spine.  The vast majority of research on GCTs involves men; childhood cancer research has always been egregiously underfunded.

It is true that germ cell tumors have very successful treatment protocols.  The surgeries are very patient-specific; the chemotherapy (usually BEP) is the same regardless of age or gender, it is also among the harshest in regular use.  Thankfully, my daughter is approaching the '5 years cancer-free' milestone.

The next time you hear talk of BPA, pthalates & other endocrine disruptors, please remember this: these toxins are causing damage to the seeds of life itself; it cannot be repaired, it must be PREVENTED!

--> Learn more about the endocrine system.

Indoor Air Pollution Increases Cancer Risk

FACT:  Indoor air pollution increases your cancer risk.

Prevention Tip:  Avoid perfume, air 'fresheners' and household products with fragrance.  Also, remove shoes outside and open a window to let in fresh air for at least 2-5 minutes every day.

Learn more:
Homeowners Aim to Clear the Air

8 Hidden Sources of Plastic Chemicals

Prevention Tip: Reduce use of plastics & choose them carefully, especially childrens' products.

Learn more:
8 Hidden Sources of Plastic Chemicals | Healthy Living - Yahoo Shine

20 Cancer Prevention Tips for All Ages

The following cancer prevention tips are based on the 2010 President's Cancer Panel Report which focused on environmental exposures to known & suspected carcinogens. (toxic chemicals & radiation) The comprehensive report provided the following statement & advice to the public:
"Individuals can take important steps in their own lives to reduce their exposure to environmental elements that increase risk for cancer and other diseases. And collectively, individual small actions can drastically reduce the number and levels of environmental contaminants."
The Panel's first recommendation is critical for all children, from pre-birth on.

1) Minimize children's exposure to toxics; pre-parents should avoid exposure to toxics before baby's conception

* The Environmental Working Group has lots of "Healthy Home" & "Healthy Pregnancy" tips that can help protect your family.

* Cancer prevention expert Dr. Samuel Epstien's latest book is titled & devoted to "Avoidable Causes of Childhood Cancer" (preview on Amazon)

2)  Avoid materials treated with flame retardants and/or stain protectors; they endanger your family's health & the health of firefighters & first responders

3 Remove shoes outside

4 Wash work laundry separate from family laundry

5 Filter your water --> Learn more

6 Use phthalate & BPA-free water bottle 
---> Learn more

7 Never microwave plastic, transfer frozen meals to glass
Choose safer plastics ---> Learn more

8 Chooses organic & free-range foods 
--> Learn more

9 Reduce/avoid grilled & well-done meats 
--> Learn more

10 Choose safe household cleaners 
--> Learn more

11 Choose safe cosmetics & body care products 
--> Learn more here & here

12 Properly dispose of toxic materials 
--> Learn more

13 Avoid using yard & garden pesticides & fertilizers
 --> Learn more

14 Reduce energy consumption by turning off lights & unplugging devices when not in use (this helps reduce pollution from energy production which increases many cancer risks)

15 Use public transportation, walk or ride a bike

-16 Quit smoking

17 Text instead of calling, use a headset, keep calls short 
--> Learn more

18 Check your home for radon 
--> Learn more

19 Reduce/avoid exposure to medical radiation, especially children
--> Learn more

20 Avoid tanning beds & over-exposure to sunlight 
--> Learn more

-BONUS TIP Get involved! The Panel said this:

Each person can become an active voice in his or her community. To a greater extent than many realize, individuals have the power to affect public policy by letting policymakers know that they strongly support environmental cancer research and measures that will reduce or remove from the environment toxics that are known or suspected carcinogens or endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Individuals also can influence industry by selecting non-toxic products and, where these do not exist, communicating with manufacturers and trade organizations about their desire for safer products.

* Note: Links to further information are provided by page owner, not the Panel.

Less Cancer: What You Can Do Today

February is Cancer Prevention Month in the US and Tuesday, the 4th, is both World Cancer Day & Cancer Prevention Day.  People are slowly realizing that the solution to the cancer epidemic is prevention.

Learn how to ensure there's less cancer in the future:
What You Can Do | Less Cancer

The High Cost of Toxins

Disturbing as it is, a recent Huff-Post article made some very important points:
"BPA is just one of a growing list of chemicals suspected in America's rising rates of disease. More than 80,000 chemicals are currently in commerce, yet only a small number of those have been fully tested for health effects." 
"Most Americans believe the government is protecting them, that chemicals are tested before they go into lipstick or food packaging. But the truth is completely the opposite: They come onto the market with little or no scrutiny," said Dr. Philip Landrigan, chairman of the department of preventative medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York., referring to the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976." 
"Prevention is far more cost-effective than treatment," wrote Gary Cohen, president of the nonprofit Health Care Without Harm, noting that only 4 cents of every dollar spent on health care in the U.S. goes toward curbing disease." 
"Dr. Landrigan applied a similar argument to toxic chemical regulation. It's more cost-effective to recognize the hazards of lead paint or flame retardants before rather than after they go on the market," he said." 
"Bisphenol S, now widely used in "BPA-free" products, further illustrates potential problems with the government's innocent-until-proven-guilty regulatory strategy. BPS is chemically similar to BPA and, since its appearance on the market, has been documented to have the same if not more hazardous properties as its cousin compound."

Read the full article:
BPA Among Toxic Chemicals Driving Up Health Care Costs, Experts Say

New Study Suggests Air Pollution is Changing Kids' DNA

Disturbing news from a recent study in California:

"The implication of the study is "we can really show this idea of epigenetic changes – changes in people’s genetic make-up from their exposure to the environment – and those epigenetic changes potentially go on not only through their life, but actually get passed on to children in the second and third generation."

"Doctors concluded that exposure to pollution was
 possibly causing changes to kids’ DNA."

"The findings surprised Dr. Katharine Hammond, a UC Berkeley professor and a longtime air pollution researcher. “I have to say, my jaw dropped almost to the floor,” Hammond says. “I was stunned.”

Read more:
Is The Central Valley's Air Pollution Affecting Our Cells And Genes? | Valley Public Radio

Potent Antioxidents Found in Medicinal Herbs

"Traditional Chinese medicinal plants associated with anticancer might be potential sources of potent natural antioxidants and beneficial chemopreventive agents.  These medicinal herbs exhibited far stronger antioxidant activity and contained significantly higher levels of phenolics than common vegetables and fruits."

Read the research:
Antioxidant Activity and Phenolic Compounds of 112 Traditional Chinese Medicinal Plants Associated with Anticancer

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Red Meat & Colon Cancer

Yet another study demonstrating the increased risk of colon cancer in people who eat a lot of red & processed meats.

"Our results published here support the hypothesis that colorectal cancer risk is positively associated with high consumption of red and processed meat and inversely associated with the intake of fish."

Read the full article:
Meat, Fish, and Colorectal Cancer Risk: The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition

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NCI Report: Millions Wrongly Treated for 'Cancer'

According to a report from the National Cancer Institute, an incredible number of people have been treated for 'cancer' when what they really needed was a correct diagnosis.

Read the full article:
Millions Wrongly Treated for 'Cancer,' National Cancer Institute

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