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Clyde, Ohio Cancer Cluster Vitims Pay for Testing

The on-going tragedy in Clyde, Ohio is another example of the government's failure to oversee & regulate the actions of corporations.  And in Clyde, it's children who are paying the price.
"Like other cancer cluster areas, Clyde has an unusually high rate of cancer diagnoses. At least 37 children in the area have been diagnosed -- and all live within 12 miles of each other." 
"In the fall of 2012, the EPA found high levels of toxic, possibly cancer-causing chemical compounds in soil samples from Whirlpool Park, formerly a residential area owned by home appliance manufacturer Whirlpool Corp. Locals said that "black sludge" had been dumped in the area." 
It was reported that black sludge was dumped at Whirlpool Park near the basketball court & near the pond that provided water for the swimming pool. The EPA found the dumping ground contained a depth of  9 feet of  toxic sludge full of PCBs.

It is a far too common story that little map-dot towns are invaded by huge corporations promising jobs & growth.  I drive US-20 through Clyde fairly often, always with a very heavy heart.  Except for Whirlpool, there's really not much to distinguish it from the the countless other little farm-land hamlets in northern Ohio.  Recently I noticed a fairly new cancer clinic down the road from the Whirlpool behemoth; I'm certain that's not the kind of 'growth' the good people of Clyde expected.

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