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Firefighters Object to Toxic Flame Retardant

From the state of Washington, firefighters are battling for cancer prevention:
"Firefighters told lawmakers Wednesday that Tris chemicals, two flame retardants linked to cancer & other health problems, are dangerous and don’t belong in children’s products."
"Geoff Simpson of the Washington State Council of Firefighters says that chemical flame retardants are ineffective.
“I’ve never been to a house fire where everything burned except for the foam cushions inside the couch. Everything burns, these things not only are they burning, but they are killing people that are sitting on them because they are exposing them to toxic chemicals,” he said."

Read more:
Firefighters want ban on chemical flame retardants in children’s products :: The Capitol Record | News, background and notes on Washington state government.

Prevention Tip:  Avoid flame retardants; choose natural materials like cotton & wool, which are naturally fire-resistant.

Flame retardant chemicals are also causing increasing numbers of cancers in firefighters.  Since fire retardants are found in so many places throughout most homes, it's important to know how to avoid them as much as possible. (this is especially important for any home with children, pets, or people with breathing or immune problems)

Learn more tips for from the Environmental Working Group's "Healthy Home Tips".

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