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New Vitamin C Research

Yet another research study has found Vitamin C could be effective medicine for people fighting cancer.
"Vitamin C delivered directly to human and mouse ovarian cancer cells helped kill off those cells while leaving normal cells unharmed, University of Kansas researchers report."
A search of the PubMed database for "Vitamin C & cancer" provides results of more than 4,600 studies; many of them had incredibly positive results.  Vitamin C has repeatedly been shown to kill several types of cancer cells without harming healthy cells.  So why don't cancer patients have the option of using this safe & effective treatment?
"It's been hard to attract funding for further research. There's no reason for pharmaceutical companies to fund vitamin C research, and federal officials have been uninterested in plowing research dollars into the effort"
If you'd like to see more research into less toxic treatments, please tell Congress.  They are supposed to represent our values & they must prioritize spending accordingly.  They continue to fund strategies that are causing us to lose the War on Cancer; we need change we (& our children) can live with.  It's time to fund research focused on cancer prevention & treatments that don't have 'death' as a side effect.

Read the full study:
Intravenous Vitamin C May Boost Chemo's Cancer-Fighting Power

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