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Healthy Home

Tips & resources to reduce your cancer risk at home

Choose safe household cleaners --> Learn more

Choose safe cosmetics & body care products --> Learn more here & here

Properly dispose of toxic materials --> Learn more

Reduce or avoid pesticides & fertilizers in your yard & garden
 --> Learn more

Reduce energy consumption by turning off lights & unplugging devices when not in use (this helps reduce pollution from energy production which increases many cancer risks)

Avoid exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals --> Learn more

Remove shoes outside - dirt isn't the only thing they bring in

Check your home for radon, the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer (lung cancer kills more adults than any other cancer) --> Learn more

Wash work laundry seperate from family laundry

Replace your shower curtain --> Learn more

Don't be afraid of the sun; the Vitamin D it provides is critical to good health.  For extended periods of time outside, use a safe sunscreen --> Learn more

For even more healthy ideas, check out the Environmental Working Group's cancer prevention tipsConsumer Guides and lots more healthy home tips.

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